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Cotton Fabric

 Fine weave textile is one of the top manufacturers of cotton fabrics. We make cotton sheetings with 100 % supima and Egyptian cotton which are widely used to make sheeting fabrics. The sheeting fabrics made using Egyptian cotton are softer than the fabrics made from original cotton. Generally sheetings are smooth flat and closely woven fabrics. We can weave them in different weights and different thread count according to the trend and demand in the market. It varies from season to season.


We can wash these sheetings easily and it dries quickly. We provide high quality cotton sheetings that never shrinks or wrinkles. Our sheeting fabrics are highly durable and its 50/50 blended sheeting fabrics which provide you at most comfort. We can weave cotton sheetings according to your requirement. Using cotton sheetings we can weave bed sheets, blanket, pillow cases, mattress cover and cotton curtain etc.


Presently we provide cotton sheetings under below specification:


T-400 60*80/208*170—118” 1/1 DPI
T-300 60*60/190*90—118” 1/1 SPI
T-500 80*100/185*295—118” 1/1 4PI

We can provide fabrics under different specification and constructions as required by our clients.