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Drill Fabric


Fine weave textiles provides you high quality cotton drill fabric that is distinct from other fabric manufacturers because our fabrics comes in variety of colors and patterns. Drill fabrics are basically strong fabrics and its highly durable cotton fabrics. Because of its strong bias (diagonal) in the weave, it provides strong ness and long lasting. We can use this fabric unbleached. It can be produced in lighter weight as well as heavy weight fabrics by reducing the thickness during the weave. The lighter weights are used clothing items such as shirts, safari jackets, play and martial art wear.


The strong drill fabric is called ‘Khaki drill’ which is used to made uniforms. Cotton drill is made from 100 % pure cotton and it is widely being used to make uniforms for chef (cooks)  as it is thick enough to protect them from heat. Hence, cotton drill fabrics are commonly heavy duty 100% pure cotton and its ideal for work wear.


We provide 100 % heavy cotton drill fabrics according to your requirement at the best price. Currently we have fabrics under below construction in house:


40 x 40 x 132 x 72 / 63''         132 GSM
7 x 7 x 68 x 38 / 63''                 380 GSM
16 x 12 x 108 x 56 / 63''          293 GSM
60 x 12 x 96 x 48 / 63''            259 GSM
2/60 x 2/60 x 108 x 58/63''     138 GSM


We can undertake orders in different construction and different specifications as required by our valuable clients.