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Poly Cotton Fabric


Fine weave textile is the leading fabrics manufacturing industry specialized in poly cotton sheetings manufacturing. We provide poly cotton fabrics at the best possible market price. By blending 50% pure cotton with 50 % polyester, the poly cotton fabrics are fabricated. We offer high quality poly cotton  sheeting fabric that provide smooth and durability. It can be easily washed and gets dried quickly. Hence, our sheetings are of easy usage. We value your money and our entire product gives long life to the material.


You can use any kind of lauders but our product does not shrink or wrinkles even after many washes. We utilize the resources of superior quality and provide our products with competitive price, best quality.


We provide poly cotton sheetings under the below specifications:

 68x44 35x35 Weight 80 g/m2 + -5%
 76x52 35x35 Weight 92 g/m2 + -5%
 76x54 35x35 94 Weight g/m2 + -5%
 76x56 35x35 Weight 96 g/m2 + -5%
 76x68 30x30 Weight 125 g/m2 + -5%

We can provide poly cotton sheetings according to you specification and requirement.