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Poplin Fabric


Poplin fabric is made out of cotton, silk, wool or synthetic blends. It is tightly woven plain weave fabric which makes us feel smooth, thin and shiny.  Poplin fabric contains 100% cotton and it’s cool, comfortable and breathable to wear and hence it can also be called as cotton poplin.  It has heavy weight and highly durable. To serve outdoor purpose, a water-repellent finish will be given to the heavier poplin. It can be used to make large banners for tradeshows, museums etc.


With its rich texture and a non reflective finish, poplin fabrics serve all purposes and it’s considered to be an all purpose fabrics.  Flat finished poplin fabrics looks very tight and flat. It is an excellent fabric for draping. It is widely used as a table drapes displays in show rooms and trade shows. It can also be used for sport wear, shirts, boy suits, uniforms and dresses.


Poplin was first manufactured in the papal town of Avington around the 14th century and because of that the word ‘poplin’ came from Italian name papalino. During the Second World War, poplin fabrics had been used on fronts because of its comfort, durability and crisp uniformity. Poplin fabric made of cotton is smooth and soft. Poplin is a heavy weight fabric and its highly durable. It wrinkles less.


Fine weave textiles provides smooth and lustrous poplin fabrics at the best possible price. Our products are highly durable as we manufacture using high quality resources. Poplin fabrics are available in the below constructions.
40 x 40 x 92 x 80 / 63''            111 GSM
40 x 40 x 124 x 100 / 63''        139 GSM
40 x 40 x 132 x 72 / 63''          130 GSM
40 x 40 x 124 x 64 / 63''          119 GSM
30 x 30 x 124 x 64 / 63''          162 GSM
2/40 x 2/40 x 96 x 76 / 63''      313 GSM
50 x 50 124 x 64 / 63''             97 GSM
50 x 50 x 132 x 72 / 63''          105 GSM
50 x 50 x 144 x 80 / 63''          115 GSM

We can provide you fabrics with different construction and size as per your requirement and order.