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Satin Fabric


Fine weave is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of fabrics in greige form. We provide satin material using greige fabrics that gives you excellent quality. Satin fabrics are made from cotton or cotton with polyester. It’s produced from 100% pure cotton or blending cotton with polyester. Generally, it is tough and shiny. In addition, we offer a lustrous, soft and cotton nature yarn woven in satin weave. It has a smooth and glossy surface because of the warp floats.


Using satin fabrics, the linings of coats, jackets and ties are produced. It can be used for bed spread, satin sheets and satin draperies in home textiles. Satin weaves are very popular in the market as it encompasses various types of satin weave fabrics.


Our greige goods have the starting thread count of 60 by 60 and premium greige goods have thread counts higher than “60 square”. The number of threads contained in one square inch of fabric including the length of both the warp and weft is measured as a thread count. Thread count must be higher for fabrics as it gives long life; less bearding when quilted and softer the fabric feels. Quality brands normally make use of a higher number of colors in the print. Thread count is a scale to identify the thickness and excellence of fabric. We have satin fabrics available with us under the below thread count.



Grey / Greige 400 TC 60 x 60 / 190 x190

Grey / Greige 500 TC 80 x 80 / 240 x 240

Grey / Greige 600 TC 80 x 80 / 240 x 340

We can undertake different size of orders which would require more / less thread count. We supply our products according to your requirement.