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Denim Fabric


Fine Weave Textile provides superior quality denim fabrics which are highly durable. Denim fabric is made out of cotton with twill weave.  Denim fabrics have been imported from France in the 18th century. The original name of denim is known as “serge de Nimes”. “Jeans” has widely been used and worn by people of all walks of life. Denim cloth which comes in blue color called as “jeans”. The name “jeans” come from “blue de genes” or “blue of Genoa”.  Denim fabric is mostly used for wok cloth because of it toughness and high durability. It’s really comfort especially in the winter season. Denim is the universal fabric of the world. Denim has played a vital role in every aspect of fashion.

 Jean fabric comes from denim fabric and the blue color denim fabric is known as jean cloth. Jean cloth is usually sturdy but it does not provide durability and comfort as like as denim fabric. Using denim fabric we can make denim jackets, jeans pants and skirts, miniskirts and even shirts. Denim fabric is unique in collections.

We provide high quality denim fabrics which are all finely weaved. We provide high quality products with the best competitive price range. We use premium quality cotton and twill weave to produce denim fabrics which is really hygienic as you can feel the absolute comfort by touching the surface.


68" X 92"   200TC
69" X 102" 200TC
84" X 92"   200TC

We can undertake orders at different percales and in different volumes according to the clients’ requirements.