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Jacquard Fabrics


Fine Weave Textile provides high quality jacquard fabric that can be either called as figured woven fabrics. It has complicated and curvy design but do not have any specific characteristic which would define this by more specific name. Jacquard fabric is produced by raising various groups of warp yarns as every group of warp yarn is lifted on a frame and the lifted frame is called as harness. The weft yarn would be inserted form while processing the jacquard.


Mostly, jacquard fabric is complicated but they come in outstanding collections. To weave jacquard fabrics, variety of yarn can be used in various weights and fiber contents. We can weave sheerest materials to carpets using jacquard fabrics by applying the different fiber content and different yarn count. You can exploit vibrant pattern and weave construction fabrics from us. We provide you with beautiful designs and creative pattern fabrics which surely draw your attention.


Our jacquard fabrics are widely used as mattress covers, curtains and many more. You can possess the jacquard knit fabrics for various applications such as garments, home furnishing etc. We can provide you with different type of fabrics according to your requirement. We value excellence and promptness and all the deliveries will never cross the dead line. We use high quality fibers and jacquard looms to produce fabrics and this ensures the fineness of output.


Presently we are providing fabrics under the below specification.

TR jacquard fabric, 100D x 75D + 40S/1, 27 x 25, 57" - 58"  200 thread count
 Luxury 65% polyester, 35% viscose face with  76% polyester, 24% cotton jacquard 200 thread count

The above does not mean that we provide fabrics only under that specification. We can undertake orders with all specifications according to our customer’s requirement.