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Medical Textiles

Fine weave textile is the leading fabric manufacturers of medical textiles. We provide high quality hygienic medical fabrics such as disposable sheets, gowns, sterilized drapes include surgical operation drapes, hospital bed linen and fabrics for medical curtain as well as table covers. Generally, medical textiles provide hospital textile products which has the adaptable construction for medical applications. Fabrics used for first aid, clinical or hygienic purposes and therapy.Medical fabrics usually fabricated by utilizing the knitted, braided, woven and non woven fabrics. Medical textile is totally distinct from other textile products. Even though the bed linen or pillow cases are fabricated for hospital, we provide at most care and superior quality hygienic fabrics will be produced.  We provide antibacterial medical fabrics and they do not allow bacterial re production or survival on the material. Hence, our medical fabrics are highly protective and hygienic.
We are equipped with separate department and premises where as our medical fabrics production will always be taken care. We produced our fabrics using 100% pure hygienic cotton with at most care. It’s highly durable and easy to launder. Even after the multiple washes, it is providing at most quality and it never wrinkles. It gets dried quickly and it provides softness to the material. We manufacture our products according to the demand in the healthcare textiles. We are committed to offer our customers the best combination of competitive price, premium quality and prompt delivery.

Our goal is to minimize the risk of infection by providing superior hygienic quality fabrics with antibacterial protection. Presently we have the below products under the below specification:

40 x 40 x 132 x 72 / 63''         132 GSM
7 x 7 x 68 x 38 / 63''            380 GSM
60 x 12 x 96 x 48 / 63''          259 GSM
We can undertake any kind of orders in various specifications and constructions as per our client’s requirements.