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Upholstery Fabric


We are an Indian manufacturers and exporters of upholstery fabrics.  We supply voluminous amount of upholstery fabrics to furniture manufacturers, decorative fabric designers and big fabric stores. We provide a wide array of various patterns, textures, fiber content and fabric weights piece of upholstery fabrics according to your needs.


Basically, upholstery fabrics are tightly woven and it has more thread count. It has an unbiased weave where all the yarns are at same size and strength. It is often heavy and tough fabrics. It does not wriggle or move around. It provides high durability and does not fade. Because of its strong nature and high durability, it is used widely to make sheet covers for vehicles and boats, sofa cover and home decoration items. We can easily clean the furniture made out of upholstery fabrics. We assure you the quality of our final products by ensuring the dyeing and finishing traditions for yarn and hence our upholstery fabrics are very tough and strong in nature. In order to ensure the strength and durability of loosely woven upholstery fabrics, it should have an applied backing.


Fine Weave Textile is expertise in providing strong and durable upholstery fabrics that comes in variety of colors and patterns. We use high quality and durable yarn to make this fabric and we provide high thread count fabrics.


There are different types of upholstery fabrics available widely. We mentioned below the types of upholstery fabrics we manufacture:



It is very strong fabrics. It is used to make car sheets and sofa covers but it’s very expensive. It’s the choice of the people around the world.



It is tough and easy to clean. It becomes cold in cool weather and stick to skin in warm condition. Hence, it is not good to wear.



It is flexible and highly durable. We can easily wash them and stains are removed easily.



Cottons are highly absorbent. It tunes itself according to the climate and provides cool against warm climate and warmth against cold weather.



It’s tough and durable but wrinkles easily. It is expensive and we have to extra care while cleaning in order to keep hold of the color and shape.



It is strong and attractive fabric. It does not wrinkle.  It is highly durable.


Presently we produce fabrics with the below specifications:

105D*100D ,75D*180D          58"/59”

The above does not mean that we can produce fabric only under these constructions. We can undertake any type of order with different specifications according to our client’s requirement.