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Acrylic Yarn


Acrylic fibers are man made yarns. It is not a natural yarn like cotton or wool yarn as it is manufactured only for durability. Acrylic yarns are highly washable and it can be dried quickly and easily. Any one can use acrylic yarns as it is mainly non allergenic. It is cheaper than wool. Acrylic yarns can be used to weave sweaters and blankets. It can be widely used in the cold weather. When compare to sweater made by acrylic yarns is cheaper than the sweaters made from wool yarn.


Fine Weave Textile provides 100% pure acrylic yarns. Our yarns are of high quality as they made by spinning from pure and superior quality resources. Our acrylic yarns are highly durable. You can easily launder them and it gets dried quickly. This is the great advantage it provides that makes people to buy them. Our acrylic yarn gives at most comfort and significantly longer life. We provide yarns with premium quality at the best possible price range. This makes us to stand in the competitive market continuously.


Currently we provide acrylic yarns with the below counts and specifications:


 NM 16- 60, both single and TFO doubled
100% Acrylic Yarn Spun in High Bulk & Non Bulk for Sweaters/ blankets in raw white & dyed - NM 15 till NM 50
100% Acrylic Ring Spun Yarn for Knitting / Weaving From Count NE 10s to NE 40s Ecru & Dyed

We also undertake any type of orders with various counts and specifications as per the requirement of our clients.