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Polyester Yarn


Polyester is a synthetic or artificial polymer made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and MEG. Polyester fabric is directly made from the polyester yarn. By spinning PTA and MEG, polyester yarn has been made. It can also produce by spinning PET chips which made from PTA and MEG. Polyester is a category of polymers. Polyester yarn can be used in making insulation tapes, polyester film and several other items which we used for our daily purpose. Polyester filament yarn is used to make polyester fabrics such as curtains, bed sheets, bed spreads and draperies. In the same way, polyester yarns which have high tenacity can be used to produce ropes, safety belts and tire fabrics. It can also be used to manufacture stuff pillows, cushion, sofa and bedding.


Fine Weave Textile manufactures high quality polyester yarns spun from polyethylene terephthalate and MEG. It’s highly durable and flexible. It’s strong and can be used for multi purposes. We can provide you premium quality polyester filament yarn at the best competitive price which you can found nowhere else. You can make home textiles such as quality curtains, bed sheets, and bed spreads using our polyester yarn. It provides comfort and long life to the material. In addition, the fabric made from polyester yarns are easily washable and get dries quickly. We are equipped with good production environment and facility which makes us to provide superior quality products cost effectively.


Presently, we provide polyester yarns under the below counts:

  • 100% viscose, 100% polyester 100% acrylic. Blends such as polyester –viscose, polyester – acrylic, polyester – cotton etc
  • 16 – 40 NE, both single and TFO doubled yarns
  • 2Os to 80s in single ply/multifold waxed & unwaxed suitable for knitting/ weaving
  • 100% polyester & spun yarn made from micro polyester fiber (0.8D) from counts Ne 20s till Ne 60s in required specifications
  • 100% polyester Auto coro open end yarn in counts up to Ne18s

The above does not mean that we can produce yarns only with those specifications. We can undertake orders with various counts and specifications required by our clients.