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Viscose Yarn


Viscose yarn is a high quality eco friendly yarn. As technology progresses, our environment get polluted gradually. The sense of environmental protection increased widely among the people. Viscose yarn is highly environmental friendly. Viscose yarn is comfortable to wear and it’s soft, smooth and highly durable. We can easily launder them. It dries very quickly. We can easily apply these yarns to the dyeing process.

Fine Weave Textile provides you high quality eco friendly yarns at the best competitive price. We spin viscose yarn from lenzing viscose fiber. We produce superior quality viscose yarns by spinning 100% lenzing viscose yarn and blended viscose yarn with cotton or other materials at any percentage. Our viscose yarn offers high absorption, breathability and natural grace. The quality varies for the different percentage blends. We are equipped with high production facility and we can provide premium quality viscose yarn.

Currently we provide viscose yarns with the below count: 

     40 Den, 75 Den, 120 Den, 150 Den, 300 Den, 450 Den and 600 Den

    10s to 60s   Dope dyed 100% viscose yarn in count range Ne 10s to Ne 40s

     Dull viscose - Ne 16s to Ne 40s

We can undertake any type of orders with various count and specification according to the needs of our clients.